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Liposuction has become the most popular cosmetic procedure. With advanced liposuction technologies, methods and procedures that allow for more precision, arm liposuction surgery now more popular than ever!

Excess arm flab makes summertime the most dreaded season for many people who have flabby, saggy upper arms. The thought of wearing tank tops, short sleeves or sleeveless tops is embarrassing and out of the question for people who need and want arm liposuction. Now arm liposuction is an easier, more affordable procedure, since the evolution of liposuction.

Weight gain, genetics, lack of exercise the muscle tone and aging are three factors that increase the battle with the upper arm flab or "bat wings." There are many liposuction techniques that will successfully remove upper arm fat and shape and tone the upper regions of the arms. Arm liposuction has many different names: arm laser lipo, tumescent liposuction of the arms, arm laser sculpture, arm liposculpting, arm lipo sculpture of the arms, arm laser liposuction, and arm lipo. All of these terms describe the same procedure that utilizes different techniques for the same surgery, arm liposuction.

Having sexier, more shapely arms can be a reality with arm liposuction. Get rid of the unsightly underarm fat that dangles and shakes with every movement.

Loss of elasticity and muscle and accumulation of fat under the arms and in the upper regions can make beach parties and strapless events embarrassing. Arm liposuction will remove the fat, shrink the upper arms and tone the under arm areas to look more shapely and sculpted. After arm liposuction, you will feel more confident and assured when wearing sleeveless clothing. Arm liposuction makes your arms look and feel younger and more contoured.

Reduce arm fat, tighten skin and return to work within one or two days.

How Arm Liposuction Works

Liposuction is the quickest way to eliminate your upper arm fat and flabby, loose skin. The arm liposuction procedure is virtually painless and easy. Recovery is quick and many patients are back to work and a normal routine within days. The process is simple:

  • Your lipo surgeon will give you a local anesthetic and perhaps a mild sedative.
  • After you are numb, your liposuction surgeon will make tiny incisions in each arm to administer a wet solution, which also contains local anesthesia and numbing agents.
  • Depending on the type of arm liposuction, your doctor may use one of a variety of techniques to zap, dissolve, melt or flood the fat cells before removing them.
  • Throughout the arm liposuction surgery process, your surgeon will gently move the instrument(s) back and forth, creating tiny tunnels to dissolve and remove the fat, using a suction device called a cannula.
  • After the fat is treated, your surgeon will use the cannula instrument to suction the fat and remove it from the arm area.
  • After the fat is removed, your surgeon will wrap the areas with compression garment to protect and support the area throughout the healing process. The tiny tunnels will collapse and the small incisions will heal in their own. They do not require stitches and they seldom leave any noticeable scars. The modern liposuction techniques are minimally invasive, which reduces pain, bruising and swelling during the recovery process.

The entire arm liposuction procedure usually lasts only one to two hours and acts to reduce fat, firm and tighten skin.

Why choose arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction will remove and eliminate unwanted arm fat, permanently and with very little pain. Liposuction and sculpture of the arms will greatly reduce the fatty tissue in and around the upper arm areas, leaving you with more toned arms. Patients who have arm liposuction are very happy with the results and the ability to expand their wardrobe options in the spring, summer and warmer seasons.

What can I expect from arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction is an outpatient procedure and can be performed in the comfort of your surgeon's office or clinic. Only a local anesthesia is used for arm liposuction, which greatly reduces risks and complications. In addition, you can expect very few side effects. After the skin is numbed, your surgeon will make tiny incisions to dissolve and remove the fat cells, using gentle techniques and small instruments. Patients remain awake and alert throughout the procedure. The procedure lasts for about an hour, and patients walk out of the office with their newly, sculpted arms. Patients can expect to recover from arm liposuction within days, and be back to work and normal routines within days after the surgery.

Am I a good candidate for arm liposuction?

Patients must be in good health. The best candidates are those with loose hanging skin and fat in the upper arm regions. A consultation with a liposuction specialist will let you know if you are a viable candidate for the arm liposuction procedure. Your doctor will look at your medical records and history to see if you are fit for the surgery. Most patients between the ages of 18-60 are good candidates, as long as they are in good medical condition.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Patients will experience some mild discomfort after the arm liposculpture procedure. You will be able to use your arms, and enjoy your normal functions very shortly after the surgery. Light physical activities are permissible. Your surgeon will give you a list of instructions to follow after your arm liposuction surgery, which will guide you through the recovery process. It is important that you follow all of the doctor's orders before and after the procedure. Most patients can return to work within 48 hours, and they may experience some mild bruising, swelling and fluid loss. The tiny incision sites will heal within days. Your surgeon will want to see you within a week to look at your recovery process and check the incision sites for proper healing. The compression garment similar to an Ace bandages with quarter-length sleeves and absorbent pads should be worn for 3 days and nights, and then at least 8 hours a day for 2 weeks.

You will see immediate results after the surgery. But in general, good results may take up to two months to see; the arms will continue to heal, revealing optimal results after a few months.

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